We design and create custom furniture from reclaimed wood and locally salvaged old growth hardwoods. Our goal is to combine our salvaged handcrafted furniture with industrial steel design. To create a beautiful contemporary table for any room in your home office, or business. Feel free to Contact Us directly to discuss your unique project. 


The Studio


Feel free to make an appointment to visit our new state of the art eco-minded workshop and see some in progress designs and hand crafted creations.


Table Base Options


Choose from one of our many steel bases created from industrial materials.  All are expertly designed, welded smooth, and powder coated for a long lasting finish.

Wood Species 


Reclaimed wood and old growth salvaged hardwoods to create a unique eco friendly table for your home, office or business.


Handcrafted Quality

Each piece of custom furniture we create is unique. We consult on the design and specifications throughout the project with each client.  Due to the nature of wood, the exact same design cannot be replicated exactly making each piece of furniture one of a kind.

All Natural Finishing

natural finish 1.jpg

Our all natural finishing wood products do not contain carcinogens or toxins. We spend considerable time with each client on colour and finish selection as part of our design process. 

Sustainable Approach

Shifting the paradigm to take a whole new approach on contemporary furniture, this old growth ash tree has been infested with the invasive Ash Borer insect and will not survive. That makes this local old growth hardwood tree suitable for felling and transformed into solid wood furniture for your home, office or business.